Camelot Legends

Overview of Camelot Legends

Camelot Legends divides the Arthurian world into three locations: the chivalric kingdom of Camelot, the treacherous domain of Cornwall, and the enchanted realm of the Perilous Forest. Each of these locations is represented by a large Location Card which is placed near the center of the playing area.

Location Cards

King PellinoreEach Character Card in the game possesses six Ability Icons (Combat, Diplomacy, Adventure, Cunning, Chivalry, and Psyche) followed by corresponding Ability Scores that range from -1 to 6.

Players play Characters from their hands beside the Location Cards, on the sides that match each player's designated color (blue side for the blue player, red side for the red player, and so on). A group of Characters belonging to the same player at the same Location is called a Company.

The Black KnightThroughout the game, Location Events are drawn from the Event deck and placed face up on top of their corresponding Locations. For example, the Black Knight is a Forest Event, so it would be placed on top of the Perilous Forest.

Each Location Event lists a Requirement in the lower right corner needed to complete the Event. This Requirement consists of an Ability Icon followed by a number ranging from 6 to 18. A Company of Characters at the appropriate Location needs to possess combined Ability Scores that equal or exceed this Requirement in order to complete the Event. For example, a Company at the Perilous Forest would need a combined Combat Score of 12 or higher to complete the Black Knight Event.

Each Event is worth a number of Victory Points ranging from 1 to 7. At the end of the game, the player who has acquired the most Victory Points wins the game!


To learn more about Camelot Legends, you can view the Component List or download the Rulebook in PDF. You can also discover more about the Artists of Camelot Legends or Purchase the game at our online store (available in August).

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