Camelot Legends

Game Components

Camelot Legends features over 100 different cards with illustrations by leading artists from throughout the game world. The game is entirely self-contained and includes three different levels of play (Beginner, Standard, and Advanced).

Camelot Legends includes the following types of cards:

3 Location Cards
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60 Character Cards
Sir Gawain Nimue
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34 Event Cards
Theft of Excalibur The Questing Beast
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3 Final Event Cards 3 Special Cards
The Final War High King
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Each game also contains a full-color Rulebook and 4 Reference Cards for easy referral throughout the game.


To learn more about Camelot Legends, you can read a concise Overview of the Game or download the Rulebook in PDF. You can also discover more about the Artists of Camelot Legends or Purchase the game at our online store (available in August).

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