Camelot Legends

A Game of Chivalry & Adventure by Andrew Parks

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The tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table have inspired artists, scholars, and dreamers for over a thousand years. Now you can relive the legends of Camelot by sending powerful knights to mysterious lands in order to accomplish the world's greatest adventures! Lady of the Lake

Sir LamorakCamelot Legends is a fast-paced, non-collectible card game for 2 - 4 players, featuring over 100 different cards with illustrations from leading artists such as Ed Beard Jr., Quinton Hoover, Donato Giancola, Mark Poole, Melissa A. Benson, Mark Evans, Raven Mimura, and more!

Throughout the game, players assemble companies of knights and other characters who attempt to complete quests and overcome their enemies at Camelot, Cornwall, and the Perilous Forest. When the final adventure is complete, the player with the most Victory Points wins the game!

To learn more about Camelot Legends, you can read a concise Overview of the Game, view the Component List, or download the Rulebook in PDF. You can also discover more about the Artists of Camelot Legends or Purchase the game at our online store.

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Games 100 Nominee

GAMES Magazine
Family Strategy Game
Nominee - 2006

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Best Traditional
Card Game of 2004

Nominated for
Best Card Game of 2004
Inquest Magazine

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Rulebook in French

by Ludism

Rulebook in Russian
by Yegor Sadoshenko

Rulebook in Ukrainian
by Victoria Sadoshenko

Rulebook & Card Text in Italian

(Traduzione completa del regolamento
e del testo delle carte in italiano
by La Tana dei Goblin

Review in Italian
(Collegamento alla recensione ed ai commenti
sul gioco sulla Tana dei Goblin
by La Tana dei Goblin

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